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We are a community run junior football club that relies entirely on the dedication of our families in order to get our teams out on the park each week of each season.

None of the people you see running the club – coaches, team managers, committee members, football manager, trainers, and so on – are paid for the role they play at the club.

Each of our volunteers undertake their role in addition to everything else they have to do in their working and family lives.

Match Day Volunteers

Apart from Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager, (depending on age group) we need the following in order for for each team to take the field:

  • Trainer (first aid qualified)
  • Goal Umpire
  • Umpire Escort
  • Scorer/Timekeeper
  • Runner
  • Boundary Umpire
  • Water Carriers

Find out  more about these roles on the Resources for Parents page.

Club Level Volunteers

We have a Committee of volunteers that oversees the management of the Club, which at a minimum comprises President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

There are a number of additional management support roles, which do not necessarily require joining the committee. These include:

  • Football Manager
  • First Aid Co-ordinator
  • Coaching Co-ordinator
  • Communications Officer
  • Player Welfare Officer
  • Grounds Manager
  • Registrar
  • Property Manager
  • Canteen Manager
  • Social Events
  • Awards/ Photo Manager
  • Sponsorship/ Fundraising Officer
  • Policy
  • Memorabilia/ Life Members

Other Volunteers

We also need assistance from time to time with various projects around the club.

Game day set up

Following a checklist, check and set up the grounds on Sunday morning Do it with a mate and get it done twice as quickly. 

Time commitment: 1 to 1½ hours Sunday morning starting 7 or 7:30 depending on time of first game

Grounds Coordinator  

Coordinate volunteers willing to do game day set up. Communicate with committee if you think something needs council maintenance.

Paint lines on the ground every 2 to 3 weeks

Time commitment: 1 hour a week coordination or Sunday morning set up if you are needed. 

Painting lines takes about 3-4 hours (half the time with a mate)

Free Kick Breakfast Coordinator

Buy bread and fruit weekly, top up of spreads/cheese etc. Bring to club and set up toaster etc for Free Kick supervisor to make the kids food throughout the day. 

Time Commitment: 1 hour a week 

 Management of online qualifications data system

Ensure all key volunteers are on the system and are compliant. Burst of effort required at season start to add all new volunteers and then just monitoring. Great for the parent who works full time and like to contribute, but can’t make it to the ground very often. 

Time commitment: 3-5 hours at the start of the season. Ideally suit someone who plans to be around for a few years and could plug away at this for a few seasons.

If you can see something around the club that needs doing, it’s probably because nobody has put up their hand to do it.

If you can find a little bit of spare time in your busy lives to help out, the club will be the better for it!