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What is the minimum age

Kids have to be 7 years old on 30 April in the year they want to play in U9s.

What time to arrive on game day

Kids are to arrive at oval at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled start time.


All players must wear a mouthguard and footy boots – parents need to provide these.

Shorts & Socks

Each player needs to purchase club socks and two pairs of shorts:

Home – blue

Away – white

Playing Jumpers

These are provided by the club at the start of the season and need to be returned at the end of the season.


These are compulsory for Under 9s and Under 10s and are provided by the club. Players may provide their own.

No alcohol, No smoking

Consumption of alcohol by any parent of a Northcote Junior Football Club player at any scheduled match (home or away) or training is strictly prohibited. The consumption of alcohol can result in fines, the loss of premiership points, disqualification of players, teams or clubs. Smoking is also not permitted within 10 metres of any sports ground, clubhouse or outdoor eating area. Read more about our Smoke Free Policy.

Match day duties for parent volunteers (not incl coach, assistant coach and team manager)

Find out more about volunteering for the club.

Boundary Umpire

One umpire is provided by each team.

The Boundary Umpire must wear an official NFNL/Northcote white boundary umpire shirt and carry a whistle.

The Boundary Umpire has to follow the general course of play around. When the ball goes out of play they signal to the Field Umpire by blowing their whistle and extending both arms at shoulder height.

When directed by the Field Umpire they must then throw the ball back into play.

Goal Umpire

One Goal Umpire is provided by each team.

Goal Umpires stand between the large goal posts, behind the boundary line and wear a NFNL vest.

If a goal is scored, two flags are waved. If a point is scored, one flag is waved. The Goal Umpire at the opposite end of the field to which a score is made mirrors the flag-waving of the scoring end.

Each Goal Umpire makes a record on their scorecards of all scores made at both ends of the field. A goal scores six (6) points, a behind or point scores one (1) point. The Goal Umpires from each team confer with each other at the end of each quarter to check that their scores match.


One Timekeeper is provided by each team.

The Timekeeper is responsible for matches commencing and running on time so the umpire can watch the game and not his watch.

For home games, the Timekeeper also operates the siren and is responsible for keeping the scoreboard accurate and up to date.

At both home and away games the Timekeeper records all scores on the scorecard. The scorecard is handed to the Field Umpire or Team Manager at the end of the game.

Umpire Escort

An Umpire Escort is provided by each team and is to wear an NFNL vest.

The Umpire Escort walks the Field Umpire/s onto the ground before the match and at the beginning of the third quarter, and from the field at half time and after the match. The Umpire Escorts must also stand with the Field Umpire at quarter and three quarter time.

First Aid/Trainer

A Trainer is required for each team and they must have a level 1 First Aid certificate as a minimum. They must also have a Working With Children Check.

Trainers wear white NFL issue vests and are required to stand in designated areas, which are usually about 10 metres from the coaches box. They are only allowed to enter the coaches box if they are attending an injured player.

The Trainer’s duty is to attend to injured players and then immediately leave the ground. They may also assist players requiring further treatment from the ground.

Trainers are not to carry coach’s messages and are not to speak to the Umpire(s) or opposition players.

Team Runner

There is only one Runner per team and they wear the bright green NFNL issue shirt. U9s and 10s are not permitted to use a Runner. They must also have a Working With Children Check.

The Runner’s sole duty is to deliver the coach’s message and then take the most direct route back to the coach immediately after delivering the message.

Only two messages can be delivered during any one trip onto the field. Any more than this is construed as coaching, and is likely to be penalised.

Water Carrier

There are usually two Water Carriers per team and they wear the bright orange NFNL issue vests. U9s and 10s are not permitted to use Water Carriers.

The Water Carriers’ sole duty is to deliver water to players immediately after goals are scored and then take the most direct route back to the coach immediately after delivering the water. Water may also be delivered when the ball is more than 50 metres away ie. At the other end of the ground.

Water Carriers are not allowed to carry coach’s messages and are not to speak to the Umpire(s) or opposition players. Any breach of these rules is likely to result in a penalty.

When off the ground, Water Carriers must remain in one of the marked areas, which are generally near the boundary at the 50 metre line


The volunteer responsible for refreshments is to provide oranges, apples and similar (cut into quarters, or eighths for younger players) to players at half and three-quarter time. Fruit is to be placed in a large container. It would be handy to bring another container for orange peels and other left over fruit pieces.