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Northcote Cougars Auskick Program

Footy for Boys and Girls aged 5-12 Years

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The Northcote Cougars holds Auskick clinics for a range of age groups (5-12 years old).

Our groups include Level 1 which is for basic beginners (generally in Kinder or Prep), Level 2 which is for those building confidence and beginning game play (generally Grades One and Two) and Level 3 which is for those who have mastered the basic skills and are beginning to focus on stringing them together in game-like situations (generally confident Grade Ones and up). We also have a dedicated girls group for those who want to learn the game with other girls.

Our program is aimed at having fun whilst learning the basics of the game in a safe environment. We hope that everyone who leaves the program has a love for the game, can kick and handball to their mates, mark and bounce the ball, and have a basic appreciation of game play. We mostly follow the session plans as found on the Auskick website.

We believe strongly in participation for all regardless of skills, gender or backgrounds (and that goes for the parents as well). Our volunteer coaches are generally mums and dads who have all gone through the basic coaching program, and we support them to ensure that they can support everyone who comes along to have a go.

Girls Participation

We aim to increase the number of girls participating so that there are plenty coming through to the ever-growing junior girls football teams, including the AFL in the future. To support greater girls participation, as well as the mixed groups, Northcote Auskisk runs a GIRLS ONLY clinic each week (for those girls who prefer this). Girls are of course still welcome to train in the mixed-class groups if they prefer.

During the year as player’s skills developed some chose to join the other more advanced groups and some can choose to train and playing with the Cougars Junior Girl’s teams who play on a Sunday. So any girls who want to start their footy career come down and have a go in a safe non-competitive environment and if you like it we will find a spot which best suits your skills and ambitions.

Auskick at Northcote

Pathway to Junior Football

While it’s not everyone’s dream to play junior footy (and there is nothing wrong with just having a kick in the park), for those who are interested in making it all the way to the AFL, the Northcote Auskick Centre is a part of the Northcote Junior Football Club program which provides a great pathway to Junior and Senior Footy.

Being a part of the Northcote Cougars provides a great opportunity for older Auskickers to see what junior footy is all about, and easily transition if that’s your thing.

So come along to Auskick for a few years to learn the basics then head on to Junior Football with the Cougars. Junior Football starts with Under Nines which is generally after you have spent at least two or three years in the Auskick program.

Of course if you don’t want to advance to Junior Footy but still enjoy learning the skills at Auskick you are more than welcome to keep coming to Auskick for as long as you like, up to age 12.

How you can help

As with all Auskick centres Northcote Cougars Auskick is run by parent volunteers and generally the participation of parents is fantastic. Every year however, as their children move on, so do the parents that make Northcote Cougars Auskick such a great experience for the kids. So we always need more help to keep the centre going.

Whether you are a first time participant or returning from last year we always need more help with coordinating events, setting up, cutting up fruit, first aid, coaching and packing up. As well as registering your children for the clinic, be sure to also let us know (by emailing if you think you can help so we can get you involved. Leaving it to the first day is hard to coordinate, so drop us a short email ahead of time and we will be in touch.


Registration for 2021 is now open.

The registration cost is $91 gives access to the 15 clinics plus a pack full of goodies (including a football). The packs are themed around each individual Auskicker’s team that they support.

Please note, the registration pack is posted directly to the registered address.

2021 Clinic Details

Start date: Early May TBC

End date: TBC

Clinic times: 9.00am to 10-10.30am

Clinic Dates: