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Policies & Official Documents


As with any physical activity, Australian Rules Football carries some risk of injury. The YJFL have comprehensive insurance cover that is available to each member club, the NJFC is covered under this policy.

Summary of Coverage

The Yarra Junior Football League in conjunction with BJS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, the league’s insurance broker and risk adviser, has arranged insurance coverage for all their affiliated member clubs, officials, coaches, umpires, voluntary workers and players. 

With regard to the Personal Accident coverage, the schedule of benefits should be considered as basic and entry level. The Yarra Junior Football League encourages all players and others covered by this policy to take out private health insurance. 

The level of cover and the competitive costs have been achieved to benefit all clubs, coaches and individual members who are part or looking to be part of this Program and therefore, it is extremely important that everyone supports this initiative.

The program provides competitively broad protection across the following areas:

(What’s not covered? All the things Medicare deals with – doctors’ and surgeons’ fees, x-rays and most MRI costs, etc.)

Making a Claim

All information regards claims can be found here, https://yjflinsurance.com.au/claims/