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As with any physical activity, Australian Rules Football carries some risk of injury. We have arranged personal injury insurance through Marsh Insurance (formerly known as JLT Sports Insurance) which helps pay certain costs of a club-related injury.

Summary of Coverage

We have the top level of Australian Football National Risk Protection Programme insurance policy from Jardine Lloyd Thompson.

Our personal injury insurance essentially covers non-Medicare costs related to an injury a player sustains while playing, training with the club or traveling to or from an official club activity.

It provides reimbursement for some treatment costs that you can’t claim under Medicare. It can also cover loss of income. Due to legislation it does not include the Medicare “gap”. There is also cover for death or permanent disability.

Examples of treatment costs covered include

  • physiotherapy
  • chiropractic care
  • dental care
  • ambulance transport
  • private hospital accommodation

(What’s not covered? All the things Medicare deals with – doctors’ and surgeons’ fees, x-rays and most MRI costs, etc.)

Making a Claim

Download a claim form from Jardine Lloyd Thompson’s site. Complete it and deliver it to a club official. JLT has detailed instructions on making a claim.