Match Report – Round 9 18 June 2017

Under 9 Gold

Hi Cougars

Today we faced a fired up Montmorency team who have some real stars and a whole team that love to play a physical brand of footy. What would happen? Would the Cougars stick to their famous ‘get the ball’ attitude or would they hide under their beds until Monday?

I couldn’t fit under the bed this morning because I have been eating too many biscuits. But I reckon you Cougars never even gave it a second thought because you just love going into packs, hunting the ball, laying tackles and helping your mates.

This week we put extra emphasis on talking to each other on the field and in the breaks. We drilled calling out our teammates’ names before the game and we broke into our backs, mids and forwards groups at the breaks to talk about what we need to do – just like real AFL players.

When we talk on the field it is not like talking in class about fidget spinners (that is, talking about non-football matters in a quiet voice so we don’t get noticed by the teacher). We talk LOUD, about WHO’S ON THAT GUY? and KICK IT TO ME SAMMY/JONAH/HARVEY and GREAT GOAL OLLIE/LAMECH/NOAH or YOU’RE HOT! (which means hand pass it quick because you are about to get tackled or, if you are me, you’re the best looking coach).

So here’s what your coaches saw and liked about the effort today:

The Leaders: Noah B and Lamech were our co-captains. They led huge GO COUGARS! calls and both kicked inspirational captains’ goals. The “Generals” Elliot and Tom F used their awareness and football smarts to position themselves and teammates in attacking positions and on loose opponents. That’s what we are talking about!

The Mid-field Extractors: The packs were fierce today. Jonah, Sammy and Harvey Mc seemed quite happy about that, wrapping up some huge tackles and hard ball gets. Milo didn’t seem too bothered with the heat in the kitchen either, flipping a classic Bontempelli overhead handpass to a waiting Noah S – and you know what happens next of course…jets go whoosh…we get a goal (yawn).

“We’re gonna build a wall…”: – Montmorency had some plans to kick long into their forward line to beat our defenders. I guess no one told them that Lucien, Charlie and Daniel would just mark those kicks and send the ball back our way. Oh well.

Poetry in Motion: Luke and Tom F had huge games and linked up brilliantly with Harvey S in the forward line in the second quarter for the play of the day. End to end, clean hands, great kicks to leads. Well done.

Department of Markology: The visiting Professor from the Department of Markology this week was Ollie who gave us a lesson in how to lead and take marks in the forward line. Fascinating.

Stevie J!: Let’s go to the video tape! First Quarter, Tommy M, pressed up against the right forward pocket boundary. Scoops up the footy and snaps the Stevie J across the body. Classic. Third quarter, Will, pressed up in the same pocket snaps the banana. Beautiful. Who taught these kids to play like that?*

Great game Cougars. See you next week.

Matt Coach and football expert.


Under 11 GOLD

Well done today Cougars, although we lost the game we were proud of your efforts:

Some high lights:

* Toby couple of nice snap goals, read the play well – well done!

* Raf, locked the ball in our forward line with a great attack on the ball – lets work really hard to keep it in our forward line.

* Kynan a couple of lovely high marks – you really go for it, eyes on the ball, the big W with the hands and you marked it at the highest point – enjoy Europe and who knows we may make finals, but we will need to bring that 100% team effort every game, every quarter to be any chance.

* Robbie, great tackle not letting the defender take the ball out easily from their defence.

* Cal won a free kick for a high tackle, as he attacked the ball and was first to the ball, the umpire will always  look after the player that is first to the ball.

* Lewie also nice over head mark – this is such an important skill, practice kicking and overhead marking outside training please.

* Soul in congestion quickly got boot to the ball and kicked to space.

* Ethan and Franki a couple of great smothers stopping the ball going deep in to their forward line.

* Lachie and Zac great run and dash, really exciting to see, always taking the game on.

* Rory went back quickly and did a lovely pass to Ethan who lead in the forward line, I want that quick movement, but at the same time lets concentrate on our kicking skills, let’s not waste it when we take a mark or get a free kick.

* Ralph nice mark playing in front in the forward line, very important, then marked the spot here he has to kick from, took his time, and kicked truly.

* Marcus great play, swooped on the ball, and accelerated away from a player and nearly got an inspiring goal – hit the post – unlucky.

* Jay and Isaac, good accurate kicking out from the goal square – best to kick long than a short pass, generally.

* James, Haydos, Dimitri really gave it a crack all day – well done!

Well done again.


 Under 12 Girls

 Great to see the girls confidence grow throughout today’s match. We (the coaches) could see the team as a whole lifting in their skills and really trying to put into play what they have learnt over the past 7 weeks. The Final result was Montmorency 6.13-49 v NJFC 0.0-0.

The score needs some context however, we played the same team 3 weeks ago & they kicked 7 goals in the first Qtr alone! Today they kicked 3 in the 1st & singles only for the next 3 Qtrs. We had the ball in our forward line many times, with Myeesha having a shot & either Chloe P or Jemma from memory.

Some important marks today, taken by Myeesha right in front of our goals, and also Emily, coming from our back line. Parker too & Jemma all took marks during the day. This alone shows how the girls are all improving. Our tackling skills were not as good as other weeks, Zahra proved us wrong though, great to see her hang on to the other player and forcing them to play under pressure. Remember to wrap, drop and spin. Emily deserves a mention as she outruns all the players when she gets possession of the ball. In addition to her speed, Emily brushed off players trying to tackle her. The distance would triple if Emily could get a boot to the ball before being tackled.

Our ruck did improve in the 2nd half of the game with Parker giving it a red hot go to get her fingers to the ball. Jemma had a great crack in the 3rd term too, to give Parker a well earned rest. Also a special mention to Ragdha, who was playing only her 2nd game & was Captain. She played a great game both fwd & back & was yelling encouragement to girls she only met 2 weeks ago!

Chloe P needs special mention too, as the opposition runner commented on her great sportspersonship after hearing her compliment her opponent after a goal was kicked from a set shot. Chloe K was trying hard to lead in and escape her opponent a few times when Northcote had a kick lined up. Great to see the girls kicking out to the wings and thinking more before just sending it down the centre of the ground. Was good to have Lily down back with Aaliyah, both can take marks & kick well out of defence.

All up the girls play 3 really good qtrs, to stay in the contest, against a team that is 2nd on the ladder & have only lost to the top team (Diamond Creek) who we play in a few weeks.

We hope to see more girls at training this week as we will be trying real hard to get a win before the season is finished.

Thanks again to Gareth for running the boundary & yelling encouragement, also Kirsten who turns up every week as first aid officer. And of course Sharyn!!

All the Best. Go Cougars

Chris & Nigel


Under 14 Girls

Today was always going to be a tough game but a great start on the back of a loud, fun, then  serious warm up really set us up and allowed us to rotate heavily and still get the win.   We are looking really professional pre match and I think we are learning how to prepare well and the importance of doing so, great work!

Today was a big day for Ellouise and Sophie, they played great games in their 50th games, Ellouise her usual hard self and Sophie also playing one of best games highlighted by a great mark early in the game.  Rose and Norma were both lively when up forward and both got some very important goals, great work! Morgan and Zara both showed they are fearless in the packs putting their heads over the ball when it came their turn, its the hardest thing to do in a game of footy and took a lot of courage, well done. 

Our tackling was a bit off early, I think the week off hurt us in this area.  In the second half we got going though with some great tackles by Mia, Mahrosh, Faydia and Chloe W.  I know Chloe has had a lot of highlights this year but for me that tackle yesterday was the best thing she has done all year,  keep it up.  As a team Im very happy with our positioning at stoppages.  We do have to get out wider though when coming out of defence though but its slowly but surely getting better. That win has pretty much guaranteed us a spot in the finals with Eltham (H), Wallan (A), Montmorency (A),  a bye then Diamond Creek (H).  Finals commence on the 6/8, then 13/8 with the grand final on the 20/8, just so no one is thinking of any holidays in August :). On our last game at home the other 2 Northote girls teams are also playing at home. 

The under 10 girls took a few weeks to form a team but thanks to the free kick program now have the best numbers of any of the under 10 teams in the competition and are going along nicely ( Normas sister and my daughter play in this team).  Our under 12 girls of which Faydia is a member have had a pretty tough year on the the scoreboard as the majority of the team is bottom aged.  Despite this they have never given up and are still having a great time.  On Wednesday nights make sure you give the little ones a lot of encouragement, it means a lot coming from the big girls.  If you have any ideas of what the club can do to celebrate our first year of girls footy on that last round please let Sarah or I know. Thanks very much to all our volunteers, especially Don for all the years of support he has given Ellouise’s family. We still have so much work to do on the training track so please get to training.  There were a few girls who missed training last week and on I’d be interested if they were happy with their games yesterday… Well done all, keep it up!

Go Cougars Steve