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Footy is back!

Well, footy training at least. This is exciting, as I know all our junior players are keen to get out and have a kick of the footy. 

Please take your time to read the protocols below and have a chat with your child / children about how important it is to follow the instructions for our return to football.

Auskick is postponed until further notice.

If anyone has questions, concerns, suggestions please contact me or your coach directly. Go Cougars!

Chris Niall, NJFC President

Training Protocol

  • Players cannot enter the ground until it is clear of players from an earlier session.
  • Groups training at the North end must go straight to that area when directed by Club Covid Officer, the Coach(s) will be waiting at the designated zone.
  • Groups training at South end will then be directed to run along the western boundary (refer map) line until they get to their zone
  • Each player is to bring their own labelled water bottle, where it is to be placed 2 m apart in the marked area at edge of the exclusion zone (refer map)
  • At the end of the  session, the group at the North end will exit first, wash/ sanitise their hands at the sanitiser station and leave the venue.
  • The south zone players can then leave the ground, the same way they entered, wash and sanitise their hands, exit via the sanitiser station and leave the venue.

Parent Protocol

  • Players should be dropped off for training just before training is to commence, this allows the previous training group to leave the ground /parking lot within the 15-minute window.
  • Players are required to be collected immediately after the allotted training time, with everyone having left the ground within the 15-minute window.

Coaches Protocol

  • Coaches & Covid Officers will wipe footballs before & after use with sanitiser wipes.

For more information about the return to footy please visit https://www.yarrajfl.org.au/2020/05/28/footys-back/

Junior Aussie Rules Football in Northcote

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For footballers aged 5-10 we run Auskick on Saturdays, 9am-10.30am.

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