Boys Football

Boys Football at Northcote

Boys football at NJFC has a history dating back to 1962 as Alphington Junior Football Club, commemorated with the “A.J.F.C.” on the back of all playing jumpers. NJFC club is affiliated with Northcote Park Football Club, where many of our former Junior boys players continue in senior football.

Most boys start junior football at Auskick from the ages of 4-5.

Auskick starts for all participants who are turning 5 in the year of participation through to 12 years of age.

Junior Football is available to all participants who are 7 (turning 8 in the year of participation) through to 17 years of age, within age groups of Under 8 through to ‘Youth’ (17 years).

All junior boys play in ‘Mixed’ gender teams up to Under 15, where boys and girls play in separately and from Under-14s on, coaches may place more emphasis on the personal and team qualities needed to win games, in accordance with club policies regarding player participation in all games and child safety.

Under 8 -10 football is played according to the AFL Junior Match Policy with no scoring.

From the Under-11 level, teams have the opportunity to play for premiership points and may get the chance to play finals football. The focus in the early years in particular remains on player development and giving players the opportunity to play in a variety of on-field positions.

Pathways for talented players

Boys from eligible schools can nominate to trial for the School Sport Victoria (SSV) team to play in the Australian Championships each year at Under 12 (mixed) and Under 15 (boys) level, based on their age at 31 December of the previous year. This is a very competitive and self-funded program. More information can be found at SSV.

Players identified at U13-U15 levels may be invited to join the initial YJFL Representative squad (Yarra Magpies).

For U16-U18s, NJFC falls within the Carlton and Northern Knights catchment areas. Talented players may also be selected for Carlton/Northern Knights Development Squads at Under 15 and Under 16 level, and the Northern Knights TAC Cup Squad at Under 17 level. The Carlton Next Generation Academy has additional programs to support talented boys with multicultural and/or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, generally starting from Under 13 age groups.