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Coaches – 2019

We have appointed several coaches for the junior teams.
U18 Girls – Steve Harford
U16 Girls – Barry Rodgers
U14 Girls – Vacant
U12 Girls – Vacant
U10 Girls – Nicole Carwyn
U15 Boys Mel Story
U14 Boys – Simon Negrelli
U13 Boys  – Chris McGeachan
U12 Boys – Vince Lodato, Cameron Cook(assistant coach)
U11 Boys – Matt Dummett/Mark Stanyon(co-coaches), Damien Home
U10 Boys – Aaron Shackleford, Ben Daly/Lachlan Spencer(co-coaches)
U9 Boys -Louis Psarras, Scott Inglis, Travis Stapleton
These appointments are based on the number of teams we expect to have in each age group. This is subject to change if actual team numbers are different.
We still have some positions vacant so if you have an interest in Coaching please contact Simon Negrelli

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