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Match Report – Prelim Final 13 August 2017

Under 14 Girls – Prelim Finals Football

Hi All,

Bad Luck today, I know you all tried your hardest, but Yarrambat were just too strong on the day.  It just wasn’t our day losing Charlie and Norma before the game and Lulu, Mia, Rose and Antonia struggling due to injury and health reasons really did leave us a bit thin but I was still so proud of everyones efforts.

Today did provide probably one of the highlights of the year in Zara’s goal she has worked so hard all year at her footy and it was just awesome to see her get that goal.  Sophie was amazing all day, as well running so so hard, own the wing and in the ruck.  It was probably the best game she has ever played so well done Sophie!  Lacey was another who played her best game of the year today and really attacked the contest with real aggression, great work Lace!

On reflection, both Yarrambat and Montmorency probably are a bit better with their kicking and marking skills.  Today especially we were beaten in the air which enabled them to get their running game going.  We never gave up though, and our captains Ellouise and Chloe battled like the leaders they are, with support from Jasmine and Mahrosh but straight away we have a foundation to work on going forward.  We can all get better from our superstars Ellouise, Norma, Christina and Chloe W to all the new girls like Zara, Olive and Lacey and I have complete faith that this group has the right attitude, passion and ability to get so much better…and who knows go a little bit further into the finals.

Remember it’s the clubs first year of girls footy and I think we have learn’t so much this year…I certainly did.  I had no idea what I was in for coaching 12, 13 and 14 year old girls and often during the year I did have to ask myself, why?   It was a pretty easy answer though.   There are several girls in this team that are doing it pretty tough at home and to see these girls killing it on a Sunday and the smiles on their faces does make it truly worthwhile.  I loved the way you bonded together, looked after each other and played for each other.  That’s why it was so hard to tell you off when you were playing up at training, because you did that together as well and it sort of made me happy and annoyed at the same time?  Football isn’t about the scoreboard, it’s about your passion for each other and the game, everything comes from that passion and this group has it!!!

Make no mistake, I see the need for me to get better as a coach of girls because I reckon if I can get you lot sorted, it must mean I’m a pretty decent coach :).  As for next year to me the best thing for the club and this team is to try and get both an under 16 team and a under 14 team next year.  Get numbers to the club around this group which will make us so much stronger in 2 years time when the team as is today reforms, we need a few more girls.  Remember at the start of the year we only had 8 girls definitely playing and we ended up with 19.  So it’s up to you to do what you’re really good at and hit social media!  Let any girl from the ages of 12 to 15, know that there is a place for them at Northcote.

As a club, we will be getting a pre season program in place for either late this year or early 2018.  Remember how you feel today and make the most of the opportunity when it comes.

Thanks so much to my volunteers, Sarah was amazing and thank god she stepped up, I knew she would though.  Last year she was the one asking if there was a chance we could keep the girls going.  It was up at Mernda on their preliminary final day and Chloe W had just kicked 5 goals against the boys.
That conversation planted the seed that led to girls footy starting at our club, she doesn’t know this but it was important, thanks Sarah and Renee for all their support.

Thanks to Paul for all his work, he really knows his footy and would make a great coach for the girls, work on him Rosey:).  Special thanks to Barry for being there every training session and helping out in whatever way he could.  Rick, for being so committed to the girls kicking development, its such an important part of the game and we will continue to focus on this going forward.  Thanks to Vinnie who filled in wherever we needed him and his support was great as well.
To all the parents and Don thanks for getting the girls to training sometimes 3 times a week and to games I know your time is valuable and without your support we just wouldn’t have had a team.

Lastly, thanks to the girls who gave their all week after week, trusted me to make them better and giving me so much fun from coaching you.
You’re a great bunch of girls, look after each other and know that you are very, very good footballers, keep smiling!

Go Cougars



Under 11 Gold

We the coaching group and parents are very proud of the boys effort throughout the season, including the finals.

Every player played with great spirit and effort and every player has improved from last season and more importantly the boys improved as a team. This can be put down to the consistent turn out at both the Tuesday and Thursday trainings throughout the season, assisting their skill and fitness development.

We were rewarded by finishing 2nd on the ladder at the end of the home and away season  – a fantastic result. In particular, we won a lot of the closer games, where our spirit and effort got us home.

We were unlucky not to win the first final, just losing to Mill Park by less than a goal, which would have qualified us for the grand final, had we won.

In the second final, against probably the strongest team in the competition – Laurimar, we pushed them very hard, being up by 2 points at three quarter time, however Laurimar, aided by a very strong wind came over the top of us in the last quarter.

The effort every one displayed was fantastic and there is no shame in losing to a very good team, when you give that 100% effort and team work – you can all hold your heads high.

We hope to see you all in 2018!

I would like to thank the assistant coaches Geeks and Chris for all your help on match day and at trainings, along with team managers Matt and Chrissy. Matt and his eldest son Olly also assisted occasionally at trainings – much appreciated! Also a big thank you to the parents for all your help on match day for chipping in and assisting with the variety of roles that are needed each game.

To the 50 game milestone players – Lachie, Rory, Marcus, Hayden and Lewie – well done in achieving 50 games and I believe there will be more 50 game milestones to come in 2018!

All the best, and go Cougars for 2018!Nick Dance

U11 Boys Gold Coach



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