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Blog Post

Match Report Round 13 23 July 2017 – update

Under 11 GOLD

Well done today…I think we have proven to ourselves we can match it with the 2 top teams. Mill Park only beat us in the 3rd quarter only. We just need that consistency of effort and intensity, with the ferocious attack on the ball and pressure/tackling when we dont have it, and we can beat any one!

Plenty of highlights:

  • James brilliant smother that stopped a certain goal.
  • Rory’s great attack on the ball in defence and clearing kick to the wing, that’s what we want from our defence; win the ball then clear it quickly from defence.
  • Souls’s mark and then cooly went back,  took his time, took the necessary steps, watched the football on to the boot and kicked through for a goal.
  • Our tackling was improved, and some great tackles, including Zac’s great tackle. Also Zac, great shepherd that allowed Robbie to get a kick away in our forward line.
  • Great over head mark by Marcus, kept his eyes on the ball and marked the ball at its highest point. Also another passage played on when no one on the mark, well done.
  • Soul handball to Yoh running by and then shepherded to allow Yoh to get a way.
  • Lewie on his left side got a good left foot kick away. Everyone when kicking the ball with friends of family should be practicing handballing and kicking with the wrong foot/hand. Lewie also when kicking in to the wind did a lovely, low spearing kick – smart football.
  • Ethan great run and effort to nearly kick a goal in the 3rd quarter.
  • Ralph won the ball in the middle and lovely handball to Cal running by who accelerated away and kicked a long ball in to our forward line. Keep catching the fist with your handballs and you can’t go wrong.
  • Jack, welcome back, good pressure and effort in trying to stop their backman getting the ball out of our forward line.
  • Some exciting passages of play out of defence, Lachie handball to Lewie running by who then looked for a team mate and kicked to Soul on the wing, who then passed to Isaac leading in the forward line. Great team work!
  • Jay nice roving goal, getting to the foot of the pack. lets keep getting to the foot of the pack. Also make sure we always punch from behind when we can’t mark it.
  • Dimitri played in front nearly took the mark, bad luck, but well played playing in front – lets keep practicing our high marks…critical skill, form  the big W with the hands and thumbs at the back.
  • Toby showed really good desperation when in defence.
  • Frankie great quarter when at centre half back, repelled Mill Park.
  • Robbie from defence switched the play to our runners running to the flank, in space. Always look for players in space, where possible.

 See you at trainings.


Under 12 Girls

Hi All,

No doubt you heard the news, yes the U12G team had their first win of the season. It was great to see the girls with huge smiles & singing the song, arm in arm, after the game. Photo’s to come via Fbook!

Final scores Northcote 2.2-14 v Yarrambat 1.5-11 (see photo attached). Also our first game on the main oval.

It was also great to see so many parents & friends at the game, supporting the girls, particularly the U14 girls who came over the offer support during the game & provided a guard of honour as the left the groud.

Please let the girls know that Club President, Ann-Maree send a special message of congratulations, as she knows how hard the girls have tried in this first season.

We (Nigel & I) can comfortably say the WHOLE team played a part in today’s win. Every girl had a go today, and I could see and feel the determination in their efforts today, especially in the last quarter to hold the lead. It was such a low scoring game (strong wind to the south), which also was a sign on how hard both teams fought to keep possession of the ball. Great to see the smaller girls such as Finn and Abby (U10) doing their part to help move the ball. Abby’s tenacity is relentless and it is so enjoyable watching her fight for the ball. Also Myeesha (U10) who battled away up forward, thanks the U10 team for helping with Abby & Myeesha, the win wouldn’t have happened with out them.

Chloe P was captain for the day, in her last game before a big family holiday. Thanks for being part of the team, one game as captain, one win!

Another day of great running and kicking by Emily, and also Chloe K and Lily to move the ball down the ground. Emily must have been pretty tired, as she ran in State Cross-Country on Saturday. For those who missed the game, well you’ll hear tales of Ragdha dominating in the backline, also Parker who took a match saving mark with less than a minute to play!

Better mention that Emily kicked our first goal early, a great running effort, then Holly snapped one from the goal square from a ball up, to put us back in front in 3 Qtr.

We can still take some lessons away from today’s match. Communication was missing at times when there were a few Cougars around the ball, and it allowed the other team to take possession. Also, we need to practice our kicking on the run. A few too many missed opportunities today.
Again, a big thank you for our supporters today, especially the U14G team taking time out from their training. And congrats to Nigel, who was coach for the day, as I did the runner duties.

Perhaps it was Nigel’s stirring words at 3 Qtr time & the knowledge of free pizza that inspired the win!

Hope all the girls can make it to training this Wednesday, our last session. It will help the momentum into our final match.

Chris & Nigel


Under 9 Gold

Hi Cougars

 I think I might have mentioned that my work for the government often involves infiltrating well guarded facilities, parachuting into danger or shooting poison darts into the flabby necks of certain foreign agents. But, to be honest, my day job is nowhere near as exciting as watching the Cougars play Eltham on Sunday.

 They say competing against a quality opponent will bring out the best in you. The other day I had to push over an old lady at Coles to get the last packet of Jam Fancies in the biscuit aisle. It wasn’t easy. By golly she was tough and she had a reach advantage due to her walking stick. I’m not sure what my point is here, but I got the biscuits and I am sure you will agree that that is the main thing at the end of the day.

 Where was I? Footy! Yes. So Eltham, can they play? They can totes* play. Last time we played them I think they scored one zillion points and we scored two. Points, not goals. Not only was this a big loss on the scoreboard, the result was bad for our KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS and our CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS**.

 But this week? This week, we turned on the game of the season! Players were jagging goals left right and centre. The ball was flying from one end of the ground to the other. The packs were like those cartoons where all you see is a cloud of dust with arms and legs sticking out all over the place. The crowd were losing their minds with the thrills and excitement of it all.

 Maybe it was the focus on manning up or playing in front or winning those centre clearances. Maybe you boys have just improved as a team. Whatever the reason, you showed great Cougar spirit and played your best game so far. Even the Eltham coach wanted to tell you that it was the best and toughest game they have had all year. High praise from worthy opponents!

We usually like to mention the efforts of individual Cougars*** as part of the match report, but this week was all about the team. It was an outstanding performance because everyone was equally determined to be part of the tackling, marking, running, shepherding, kicking, manning up, scoring and helping each other out. It must feel pretty cool to be part of this team.

 Go Cougars! 

Matt –  Coach and Football Expert 

*Unlike other try-hard coaches, I am actually down with the latest lingo on the street.

**I don’t know what this means either.

***So I especially won’t be mentioning Tommy M’s three goals which I should get all the credit for anyway because I told him to kick exactly that number of goals at quarter time so it was all my idea and nothing to do with him and he knows it.