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Match Reports – Round 8 4 June 2017

Girls Under 14 Round 8
Hi All,
Another good away win today against a team that were very determined to win.  We started a lot better than last week which gave us the ability to rotate heavily and to get some bench time into our better players. Chloe W and Ellouise were their usual dominant selves but I was very happy with both their passing today.   Kicking 10 goals 3 is an indication that we are going through the hot spot on the way to the goals which is great (we did get the odd lucky bounce though).

Other individuals that played well today included Lulu, Zara, Tameeka, Chloe S, Olive and Lacey all for different reasons.  Remember for some of you its only your 8th game so my expectations are different for every girl.  I was really happy with Zara’s game, in that she found herself getting the ball more and more today.  She was a bit upset with her disposal but remember there are no mistakes so the fact that she is getting the ball more is a huge plus, well done Zara.  Lacey and Tameeka are using their bodies well and really getting into the packs which is also great to see.  Olive is also working hard and finding the ball, we just need her and a few others to work on getting that kick away a bit quicker but the improvement is definitely coming.  Chloe S was good in the ruck and we did get a few really good clearances as a result which will be a big focus of the group going into the second half of the season.

I guess the most enjoyable highlight of the game for me was Lulu, I love how she goes about her footy.  Lulu really wants to get better and always challenges me on ways to make her better, which is just a great attitude to have.  Today after hurting her elbow she went back on and showed she is more than happy to run and bounce the ball in traffic.  After kicking the ball she copped a really big bump, dusted herself off and got on with the game.  I said it last year and I’ll keep saying it, she’s one tough ombre!

Make sure you all get to training this week, as we have a lot to work on especially our marking.  A lot of the girls are getting two hands onto the ball but not holding their marks.  The good news is that getting two hands on the ball is the hard bit and holding those marks is an easy fix, just get to training.

Thanks to all our volunteers especially those with sore heads (you know who you are).  Thanks very much Sarah for fixing up the jumper issues, I hope the girls are grateful and show their appreciation to Sarah when she goes the extra mile!

No game next week due to Queen’s Birthday Weekend but we will train as normal on Wednesdays.  Remember you can always train on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the boys or as individuals to work on your fitness and skills.  Our next two games are very important against the third and forth teams on the ladder.  Let’s train and prepare well over the next two weeks, so we can put on a good display for Ellouise and Sophie’s big 50th game celebration!

Go Cougars!