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Blog Post

2018 Committee

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent AGM. We have a mix of new and experienced members to see us into the new season.

Thank you also to those people who have volunteered to take on other key roles to help out the club:

Committee Members

President                                            Ann-Maree Duncan

Vice President                                   Melinda Story (also Player Placement & Grading Manager)

Secretary                                             Kirsty Teague

Treasurer                                            Katrina Nelson

Football Manager                            Aaron Shackelford

Family Assistance                             Chris McGeachan

Coaching Coordinator                    Simon Negrelli

Grounds Manager                           Vinnie Beatty

Property Manager                           Matt Manterfield/ Tom Hall

Grants                                                  Tom Hall

General Member                             Cathy Trew

General Member                             Julian Chick

General Member                             Lachy Spencer

Auskick Coordinator                        TBC

Other Club Officials

Canteen Manager                            Vacant

Registrar                                              TBC

Communications Manager           TBC

Facilities/Landscaping                    Vacant

Team Manager Coordinator        Ida Bakos

Social Events                                      Vacant

First Aid Coordinator                      Vacant

Team Photos & Awards                 Bernadette Curry

Website   /Newsletter                    TBC

Facebook                                            Ros Pach

Policy Officer                                     Vacant

Fundraising                                         Vacant


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