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Cake Stall this Sunday

This weekend we are running a cake stall to raise funds for our Free Kick program. This initiative has grown substantially in 2017, from 6 players last year to 30 players this year.

The program allows children, who would otherwise not have the opportunity, to participate in community sport. These kids not only keep fit and learn to play the Great Game, they gain a sense of belonging to a supportive community promoting positive behaviour, having ramifications well beyond football, into their future. 

Vast hours of volunteer time and effort from a small number of outstanding members of our community go into making this work. We have had some success in procuring grants to help us run the program and generous donations from individuals and businesses. However, with so many players involved this year we have more expenses. Regular running costs include transport, game day breakfast, game day clothing and registration. One Cougars family has suggested running a cake stall a couple of times this season. This weekend will be the first. We need your help to make this happen. 

What can you do?

Bring along cakes/slice/muffins Sunday morning any time from 8am. Whole cakes to take home should sell well, as well as individual items people can have with their coffee at the club (will need list of ingredients and name and phone number attached to the cake, or passed to Violeta on the day). 

Come prepared to buy some of the goodies

Volunteer to man the stall for various time slots. Perhaps it would suit to help run the stall for the 1/2 hour before your child’s game starts? Or the hour after their game has finished?

Please contact Violeta on 0419117006 or if you have any questions or can volunteer in any way. 

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