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Concussion and Injury Management

Most of you would be aware that we have qualified Trainers present at every match to ensure any injuries are treated quickly and appropriately. Head injuries are of particular concern and we have just reviewed our Concussion Policy to make sure we continue to observe best-practice management of concussion (link) . Any player who is concussed must seek advice from a registered medical practitioner, preferably with experience in managing sports concussion, and must not be allowed to return to training and playing without explicit medical clearance to train AND play.
NJFC has the top level of player insurance available, which covers emergency ambulance transport. We do recommend that each family has current ambulance membership to make certain that their player can be transported for serious but not life threatening injuries, such as broken or dislocated limbs. Our Trainers will act in the best interests of the player and call an ambulance if they believe it is warranted.

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