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Blog Post

Planning for 2018

As we head towards the end of the season we turn our minds towards 2018. Our new committee will be elected at the AGM in October, but we will need other key roles filled as well in order to continue to build the club. Treasurer, Property Manager and Grounds Manager are three of the roles that will need filling – more information on these roles can be found below. We are also seeking a parent with marketing or public relations experience to help on a short-term project. If you can assist with any of these positions please let me know.


The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer of the Club. Desirable qualities include good organisational skills, a level of financial expertise and awareness of the information required for annual reporting. Duties include preparation and monitoring of annual budgets, financial record keeping and preparation of annual financial statements. This role is largely administrative, so could be filled by someone whose work commitments prevent them from attending the club during the week.

Property Manager

The Property Manager is the key person responsible for ordering and sales of club merchandise, providing team gear and otherwise making sure all teams have enough training equipmentAdhering to the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related Club policies and procedures. This role ideally needs someone who can be at training and/or games on a fairly regular basis.

Grounds Manager

The Grounds Manager is responsible for ensuring the clubhouse and grounds are safely maintained, liaising with Darebin Council when repairs are required, and marking lines and otherwise preparing the ground before matches. This role should ideally be filled by someone with a bit of time to spare during the week and who doesn’t mind being up and about early on Sunday mornings.

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