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Results Round 3

Competition Team Score Team Score
Under-11 Green Laurimar 0.3-3 Vs Northcote Blue12.8-80
Under-11 Green Northcote Gold 7.15-57 Vs Kilmore White 2.4-16
Under-12 Silver Panton Hill 0.0-0 Vs Northcote 17.19-121
Under-12 Red South Morang 20.13-133 Vs Northcote 0.1-1
Under-12 Girls Northcote 2.2-14 Vs Eltham 4.5-29
Under-13 Green Northcote Blue 17.6-108 Vs Northcote Gold 5.2-32
Under-14 Green Keon Park 1.0-6 Vs Northcote 31.11-197
Under-14 Girls Red Kilmore 6.5-41 Vs Northcote 7.4-46

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