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Fixtures Round 11 – 2 July 2017

Under-9 Green Diamond Creek Demons vs Northcote Green 9:00 AM Coventry Oval

Under-9 Red Northcote Red vs Diamond Creek 9:00 AM McDonell Park (Back Oval)

Under-9 Yellow Research Rockets vs Northcote Blue 9:00 AM Research Park

Under-9 Yellow Greensborough White vs Northcote Gold 8:45 AM Anthony Beale Reserve

Under-10 Green West Ivanhoe vs Northcote Gold 9:00 AM Seddon Reserve

Under-10 Green Northcote Blue vs Eltham Black 10:15 AM McDonell Park (Back Oval)

Under-10 Girls Laurimar vs Northcote 10:15 AM Laurimar Reserve (Main Oval)

Under-11 Green Northcote Gold BYE

Under-11 Red Northcote Blue vs Hurstbridge 9:00 AM McDonell Park (Main Oval)

Under-12 Girls Diamond Creek Womens vs Northcote 9:45 AM Plenty Park Oval

Under-12 Silver Northcote Gold vs Montmorency 10:30 AM McDonell Park (Main Oval)

Under-12 Red Northcote Blue vs Kilmore 12:00 PM McDonell Park (Main Oval)

Under-13 Red Northcote Blue vs Mernda 1:30 PM McDonell Park (Main Oval)

Under-14 Red Mernda vs Northcote 11:30 AM Waterview Recreation Reserve (Oval 1)

Under-14 Girls Blue Wallan vs Northcote 11:45 AM Wallan Recreational Reserve (Back Oval)

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