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Thank You! A Message From The Communications Manager

Northcote Cougars could not do without all our volunteers. In fact there would be no club without all of you.  How rewarding is it to see our kids play sport they love, make new friends and do the best they can.

I would like to thank a particular group that doesn’t get mentioned too often, the people that work tirelessly behind the scenes managing the daily business of the club.  The NJFC committee. You can see all the officials, on and off field volunteers hard at work but you never really see how the committee works.

Not only do all these people have a day job, as with most volunteers, but along with their committee responsibilities, you see them around the club, day in and day out, taking on more roles.  The committee meets once a month but outside of this, there are also other activities, training and meetings they are involved in and are obligated to attend. In addition to this, they field complaints and issues from players, officials, parents and from people who aren’t even involved in the club! And as with all our other volunteers, they do all this FOR FREE (but not stress free!!)

We all volunteer with one goal in mind – the kids and junior footy.  So if you want to have a say in how it’s all done, join the committee or show up at meetings.

Next year, we need a new President, Secretary, Operations Manager (and Communications please!) Despite the hard work, it is highly rewarding especially as the club has grown so much in the last few years.  So let’s keep at it and make it even better!!

Thank you NJFC Committee.  Michael Everett (President), Joe Anthony (VP & Canteen Manager), Ann-Maree Duncan (Secretary), Maurice Petrilli (Treasurer), Frank Castrucci (Property Manager & Registrar), Dean Constable (Operations Manager), Ben Anastasiou (Player Welfare Manager), Colin Hamilton (Committee member)

Ros, Communications.

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