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Training Sunday Under 14 Girls -Update

Hi All,

Sorry for the late notice but we have decided to have a training session on Sunday at 11.30 (new time) on the back oval.  I raised the idea with the team last week and the majority of the girls were keen to have a run.  I understand some would have made plans with the bye scheduled, but if the girls can make it on Sunday it would be great.  We need to build on such a strong performance last week and  I just think I need to grab every opportunity to put work into the girls for the simple reason that they are embracing their footy and getting better and better every week!  Hopefully we have 5 weeks until we play in the grand final which allows us  the opportunity to continue to get better and better, but remember the only way to get better is through hard work.  This weeks training was great with 5 girls attending training on Tuesday and 4 on Thursday, along with great numbers on Wednesday night.  To be honest our group have consistently had the best numbers at training of all the teams at Northcote week after week, which is a credit to the entire squad (it may be because they just love a chat with their mates, but when its time to get down to business they get the job done).

If you can get their early to support Faydia and the under 12 team who have yet to win a game it would also be appreciated.  They are mainly made up of bottom age girls and have found it tough this season but have never given up and continue to improve every week, they deserve your support!

Go Cougars


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