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Volunteers of the week



Volunteers of the week this week are all our Team Managers – the people who make sure the players turn up at the right ground at the right time in the right coloured shorts, as well as perform the various other organisational feats necessary for the teams to get out on the park each week:

Jason Hodge                                                                       Michelle Thomas

Richard Page                                                                      Sam Sabatino

Ida Bakos                                                                             Monique Home

Cameron Froomes                                                           Liz Robertson

Cameron McDonald                                                        Kath Liddell

Tom Willcox                                                                        Narelle Frazer

Tizzi Di Pierro                                                                     Lauren Andrew

Vinnie Beatty                                                                     Sarah Adamson


Thanks as well as the other people who have helped out as Team Manager this year (apologies if I have left anyone out): Matt Manterfield, Chrissy Manterfield, Sharyn Petrevski & Andrew Wallace

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