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A final thank you!

A big thank you to the 2018 Committee – Kirsty, Mel and Katrina in particular. I think I can safely say it is a club first to have had an all-female executive this year and I have felt very supported by all of you and believe that we have worked really well as a team. The remainder of the committee – Aaron, Cathy, Simon, Geeks, Tom, Julian and Tim – have also worked hard for the benefit of the club and have always been there when I needed help. Many of our committee have also had coaching roles so their contributions are especially valued. Thank you also Vinnie and Matt M who weren’t able to continue on the Committee but made important contributions in other ways. Thank you also to non-committee Club volunteers – Ros (Facebook and photos), Rene (photos), Bernadette (Awards and Team photos), Ida (Team Manager Coordinator), Claire (First Aid Coordinator), Ally (website update), Sheri (Property Manager) and Matt S (graphic design).

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