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The NJFC Committee has reviewed the survey findings and the player feedback and made the following recommendations for 2019:

·         Increase response rate of survey by more promotion on Club website, Facebook and newsletter, and by asking Team Managers to promote more amongst teams

·         Address communication issues by refining collection of preferred email address/es on registration form for pre-season communication

·         Develop a plan for more engaged training sessions, including a model to assist coaches with session planning, building consistency and enabling input from experienced coaches

·         Review canteen pricing and foods available before 2019 season and investigate what options members want

·         Investigate team specific issues

·         U14s still concerned about having enough players for a 2019 U15 team. NJFC is DEFINITELY planning on having an U15 team in 2019 – there are 24 players in this squad at the end of the 2018 season, which is a much stronger position than the U14 team were in at the end of 2017 (17 players)

·         Social events:


          Players event/s on non-training night

          Team event (for each team) at start of season where expectations and coaching approaches can be communicated

·         Continue with development of facilities masterplan

·         Consider player leadership mechanism, e.g. Club captain, player committee

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