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Important Reminders

Only Coaches can coach, not Boundary Umpires, Water Carriers, Trainers, Goal Umpires or any other officials that may be on the ground. Runners are only allowed to deliver a maximum of two messages directly from the Coach then must get off the ground. All these officials MUST NOT engage with players (Cougars or opposition) in any other capacity than specified by their role, or the Umpire at all. We stress that all parents volunteering in these roles must respect these rules as the team can be penalised if they are breached. Refer to for more details about what is required for specific roles.

Another requirement is that only four officials can be in the Coaches box during play – one Coach, one Assistant Coach, Runner and Team Manager. The Trainer is allowed in if they are tending to an injured player. All other adults and children must remain behind the fenced off area.

Finally, no parent is allowed to address any comments to the Umpire

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