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NJFC Annual General Meeting

The NJFC AGM will take place at the clubrooms on Wednesday 19 October. At this meeting we are asking the Members to approve the new Constitution – the document that governs the management of the club. A new Consitution is needed to formalise the merger of NJFC and Northcote/ Thornbury Auskick.  Please refer to the PROPOSED new Constitution

Please come along to the meeting to ensure we have enough Members to vote.

The AGM is also when the new Committee is elected. As has been previously mentioned, many of the current Committee will be standing down, so more people will be needed to replace them. We have already received a nomination for Football Manager, but we need other roles filled, including Grounds Manager and Communications Manager. More details about what these roles involve can be found here. Joining the Committee is not a requirement of all these positions; only President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer must be Committee Members.

However others are welcome to join the Committee – if you are interested a Nomination Form can be found here. We need new people to get involved so that we can continue to run the club, as well as implement the various improvements we have planned.


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