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Volunteers of the week

Volunteers of the week this week are our 2018 Committee members, without whose contribution the club cannot function. Our Committee meets each month to manage the operation of the club and ensure appropriate governance and oversight of all operations. Many of us have other roles within the club as well. It’s been a pleasure to work with you all:

Ann-Maree Duncan (President)

Melinda Story (Vice-President, U14 Coach, Player Placement & Grading Manager)

Kirsty Teague (Secretary)

Katrina Nelson (Treasurer)

Aaron Shackelford (Football Manager, U9 Coach)

Cathy Trew (Communications Manager)

Simon Negrelli (Coaching Coordinator, U14 Girls Coach)

Chris McGeachan (Family Assistance, Child Safety Officer, U12 Coach)

Tom Hall,     Julian Chick,    Lachlan Spencer,   Matt Manterfield

Vinnie Beatty (Grounds Manager, U14 Girls Team Manager)

Thanks as well as to the other people who have helped out with various other official roles in support of the club.


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