Planning for 2018

As we head towards the end of the season we turn our minds towards 2018. Our new committee will be elected at the AGM in October, but we will need other key roles filled as well in order to continue to build the club. Treasurer, Property Manager and Grounds Manager are three of the roles that will need filling – more information on these roles can be found below. We are also seeking a parent with marketing or public relations experience to help on a short-term project. If you can assist with any of these positions please let me know.


The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer of the Club. Desirable qualities include good organisational skills, a level of financial expertise and awareness of the information required for annual reporting. Duties include preparation and monitoring of annual budgets, financial record keeping and preparation of annual financial statements. This role is largely administrative, so could be filled by someone whose work commitments prevent them from attending the club during the week.

Property Manager

The Property Manager is the key person responsible for ordering and sales of club merchandise, providing team gear and otherwise making sure all teams have enough training equipmentAdhering to the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related Club policies and procedures. This role ideally needs someone who can be at training and/or games on a fairly regular basis.

Grounds Manager

The Grounds Manager is responsible for ensuring the clubhouse and grounds are safely maintained, liaising with Darebin Council when repairs are required, and marking lines and otherwise preparing the ground before matches. This role should ideally be filled by someone with a bit of time to spare during the week and who doesn’t mind being up and about early on Sunday mornings.

Team News

Under 13s

Due to low numbers in both Under 13 teams it has unfortunately become apparent that the best option for the rest of the season is for the Under 13 teams to be amalgamated. We have had the opportunity to discuss this with many parents and most seem to agree that this is regrettable but the best option for the remainder of the season. The Gold team will play their final match this coming weekend, helped out by players from the Blue team which has a bye. Players from both teams will then become part of the Blue team, with Matt as Coach. We feel that this action will give the greatest number of players the chance to enjoy the remainder of the season, and we thank all Under 13 families for their understanding.

Under 10 Girls

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a second female head Coach! Nicole Carwyn will assume coaching our U10 Girls team, in place of Andrew Wallace who will gain some time for the variety of other activities he co-ordinates for our Club. Welcome Nicole and thanks Andrew for your efforts in getting the U10 Girls team up and running.

Round 10 – 25 June 2017

Competition Name Match Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue Name
 Under-9 Red 9:00 AM Northcote Eltham Black McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-9 Yellow 10:15 AM Research Rockets Northcote Gold Research Park
 Under-9 Green 10:15 AM Northcote Diamond Creek Creekers McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-9 Yellow 11:30 AM Northcote Blue Montmorency White McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-10 Girls 9:00 AM Northcote Eltham McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-10 Green 9:00 AM Bye Northcote Gold
 Under-10 Green 10:00 AM Bundoora Park Northcote Blue Bundoora Park Oval
 Under-11 Green 10:15 AM Northcote Gold South Morang McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-11 Red 11:30 AM Yarrambat Northcote Blue Yarrambat War Memorial Park
 Under-12 Girls 10:30 AM Eltham Northcote Susan Street Reserve
 Under-12 Red 11:30 AM South Morang Northcote Blue Mill Park Lakes Reserve (Back Oval)
 Under-12 Silver 11:45 AM Northcote Gold Kinglake McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-13 Red 11:00 AM Bye Northcote Blue
 Under-13 Green 11:45 AM South Morang Northcote Gold Mill Park Lakes Reserve (Main Oval)
 Under-14 Girls Blue 1:15 PM Northcote Eltham McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-14 Red 2:45 PM Northcote Wallan McDonnell Park (Main Oval)

Results Round 9

Round 9 
Competition Team Score Team  Score
 Under-11 Red Whittlesea 2.3-15 Northcote Blue 11.5-71
 Under-11 Green Northcote Gold 7.4-46 Laurimar 10.7-67
 Under-12 Red Mill Park 7.8-50 Northcote Blue 1.3-9
 Under-12 Silver Northcote Gold 5.3-33 Keon Park 12.7-79
 Under-12 Girls Montmorency 6.13-49 Northcote 0.0-0
 Under-13 Red Northcote Blue 5.4-34 Yarrambat 9.6-60
 Under-14 Red Research 9.9-63 Northcote 7.4-46
 Under-14 Girls Blue Northcote 5.6-36 Research 4.8-32

More 50 Gamers

A lot of 50 game banners this week! Congratulations to Jackson Tier (U11 Blue), Taeven Ziras & Gum Bol (U12 Silver), and Ryan Wyss (U13 Blue) who are all celebrating their 50th games this week.

Also Sophie Goffin and Ellouise Bishop (U14 Girls) who played their 50th games a few weeks ago but waited to mark the occasion together this Sunday.

Round 9 – 18 June 2017

Round 9 18 June 2017
Under-9 Yellow 9:00 AM Northcote Gold vs Montmorency White McDonell Park (Back Oval)
Under-9 Green 9:15 AM Northcote vs Eltham Grey McDonell Park (Main Oval)
Under-9 Red 10:15 AM Northcote vs Eltham White McDonell Park (Back Oval)
Under-9 Yellow 10:15 AM West Preston-Lakeside vs Northcote Blue J.E. Moore Park (Main Oval)
Under-10 Girls 9:45 AM Darebin vs Northcote A.H. Capp Reserve
Under-10 Green 10:30 AM Northcote Blue vs Reservoir McDonell Park (Main Oval)
Under-10 Green 11:30 AM Northcote Gold vs Eltham Black McDonell Park (Back Oval)
Under-11 Red 10:00 AM Whittlesea vs Northcote Blue A.F. Walker Recreation Reserve
Under-11 Green 12:45 PM Northcote Gold vs Laurimar McDonell Park (Back Oval)
Under-12 Red 10:00 AM Mill Park vs Northcote Blue Redleap Reserve
Under-12 Silver 12:00 PM Northcote Gold vs Keon Park McDonell Park (Main Oval)
Under-12 Girls 1:00 PM Montmorency vs Northcote Simms Road Reserve
Under-13 Red 1:30 PM Northcote Blue vs Yarrambat McDonell Park (Main Oval)
Under-13 Green   Northcote Gold   BYE  
Under-14 Red 1:00 PM Research vs Northcote Research Park
Under-14 Girls Blue 3:00 PM Northcote vs Research McDonell Park (Main Oval)

Results Round 8

Round 8
Competition Team Score Team  Score
 Under-11 Red Northcote Blue 3.3-21 Epping 4.4-28
 Under-11 Green Northcote Gold 5.4-34 Mernda 6.4-40
 Under-12 Silver Panton Hill 2.5-17 Northcote Gold 4.9-33
 Under-12 Girls Research 6.3-39 Northcote 0.2-2
 Under-12 Red Research 5.6-36 Northcote Blue 6.7-43
 Under-13 Red Greensborough 9.5-59 Northcote Blue 8.6-54
 Under-13 Green Northcote Gold 7.5-47 Hurstbridge 9.5-59
 Under-14 Girls Blue Yarrambat 6.5-41 Northcote 10.3-63
 Under-14 Red Northcote 10.8-68 Eltham 4.9-33

Player Numbers

We are excited to have passed the milestone of 300 players registered for 2017, as new players continue to register to fill the gaps we still have in some teams.
We now have more than 50 female players, which is a terrific achievement in our first year of having all-girls teams.
We are still seeking players for U13, U12 and U12 Girls teams in particular – if you can think of anyone interested, registrations will be accepted up until 30 June.

Results Round 7

Round 7
Competition Team Score  Team  Score
 Under-11 Red Northcote Blue 6.3-39 West Preston-Lakeside 3.3-21
 Under-11 Green Kilmore Blue 3.4-22 Northcote Gold 5.5-35
 Under-12 Red Northcote Blue 3.7-25 Bundoora Park 6.12-48
 Under-12 Silver Northcote Gold 9.1-55 Lalor 3.8-26
 Under-12 Girls Montmorency 14.11-95 Northcote 1.0-6
 Under-13 Red Kilmore 2.4-16 Northcote Blue 3.5-23
 Under-13 Green Northcote Gold 1.3-9 Mill Park 13.12-90
 Under-14 Girls Blue Northcote 7.5-47 Wallan 2.3-15

Still Missing .. Can you help

MISSING from the home change rooms on Sunday 14 May:

§  One plastic shopping bag containing blue NJFC shorts, skins, navy Nike socks and playing jumper #19.

§  Training top with ‘Eric’ on the back that was accidentally put in the wrong bag before the U12 Silver game.

If found please call/text 0429 663 580

Concussion and Injury Management

Most of you would be aware that we have qualified Trainers present at every match to ensure any injuries are treated quickly and appropriately. Head injuries are of particular concern and we have just reviewed our Concussion Policy to make sure we continue to observe best-practice management of concussion (link) . Any player who is concussed must seek advice from a registered medical practitioner, preferably with experience in managing sports concussion, and must not be allowed to return to training and playing without explicit medical clearance to train AND play.
NJFC has the top level of player insurance available, which covers emergency ambulance transport. We do recommend that each family has current ambulance membership to make certain that their player can be transported for serious but not life threatening injuries, such as broken or dislocated limbs. Our Trainers will act in the best interests of the player and call an ambulance if they believe it is warranted.

Round 7 – 28 May 2017

Competition Name Match Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue Name
 Under-9 Red 10:15 AM Northcote Montmorency Black McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-9 Yellow 10:00 AM Reservoir Northcote Blue Crispe Park
 Under-9 Yellow 9:00 AM West Preston-Lakeside Northcote Gold J.E. Moore Park (Top Oval)
 Under-9 Green 9:00 AM Northcote Mill Park McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-10 Girls 9:00 AM Eltham Northcote Eltham Central Park
 Under-10 Green 10:15 AM West Ivanhoe Northcote Blue Seddon Reserve
 Under-10 Green 10:00 AM Mill Park White Northcote Gold Redleap Reserve
 Under-11 Red 9:00 AM Northcote Blue West Preston-Lakeside McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-11 Green 10:15 AM Kilmore Blue Northcote Gold J.J. Clancy Reserve
 Under-12 Red 10:30 AM Northcote Blue Bundoora Park McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-12 Silver 12:00 PM Northcote Gold Lalor McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-12 Girls 1:00 PM Montmorency Northcote Simms Road Reserve
 Under-13 Red 11:45 AM Kilmore Northcote Blue J.J. Clancy Reserve
 Under-13 Green 1:30 PM Northcote Gold Mill Park McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-14 Red 11:00 AM Bye Northcote
 Under-14 Girls Blue 3:00 PM Northcote Wallan McDonnell Park (Main Oval)

Team Photos

Thanks to photographers Nick and Colin, and special thanks to Bernadette Curry for organising and co-ordinating the team photos this week. All went very smoothly with most teams finishing their session ahead of schedule. Photos should be available for collection in a month or so.

50 Games for our Girls..

U14 Girls have cause for a double celebration, with Sophie Goffin playing her 50th game last Sunday and
Ellouise Bishop playing her 50th game this Sunday.
Both girls will wait a few weeks to officially celebrate together.

Results – Round 6

Round 6
Competition  Team Score Team Score
 Under-11 Red Hurstbridge 6.8-44 Northcote Blue 2.5-17
 Under-11 Green Northcote Gold 4.4-28 Mill Park 13.14-92
 Under-12 Silver Northcote Gold 5.6-36 Montmorency 4.8-32
 Under-12 Red Kilmore 8.21-69 Northcote Blue 1.1-7
 Under-12 Girls Northcote 2.3-15 Yarrambat 9.2-56
 Under-13 Green Reservoir 14.12-96 Northcote Gold 5.2-32
 Under-13 Red Northcote Blue 6.1-37 Research 10.8-68
 Under-14 Girls Blue Diamond Creek Womens 3.2-20 Northcote 5.4-34
 Under-14 Red Northcote 12.11-83 Diamond Creek 1.2-8

Round 6 – 21 May 2017

Competition Name Match Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue Name
 Under-9 Red 8:30 AM Montmorency Magpies Northcote Montmorency Park North Oval
 Under-9 Yellow 8:30 AM Northcote Blue West Ivanhoe McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-9 Yellow 8:30 AM Northcote Gold Reservoir McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-9 Green 9:45 AM Montmorency Swoopers Northcote Simms Road Reserve
 Under-10 Girls 9:45 AM Northcote Darebin McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-10 Green 11:00 AM Northcote Blue Bundoora Park McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-10 Green 9:45 AM Northcote Gold West Ivanhoe McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-11 Red 10:00 AM Hurstbridge Northcote Blue Ben Frilay Oval (Main Oval)
 Under-11 Green 12:15 PM Northcote Gold Mill Park McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-12 Red 11:45 AM Kilmore Northcote Blue J.J. Clancy Reserve
 Under-12 Silver 11:15 AM Northcote Gold Montmorency McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-12 Girls 1:45 PM Northcote Yarrambat McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-13 Red 12:45 PM Northcote Blue Research McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-13 Green 11:00 AM Reservoir Northcote Gold Crispe Park
 Under-14 Red 2:15 PM Northcote Diamond Creek McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-14 Girls Blue 11:00 AM Diamond Creek Womens Northcote Plenty Park Oval

Results – Round 5

Round 5
Competition  Team Score  Team Score
 Under-11 Green Research 1.5-11 Northcote Gold 5.6-36
 Under-11 Red Yarrambat 6.9-45 Northcote Blue 3.7-25
 Under-12 Red Northcote 3.4-22 South Morang 6.9-45
 Under-12 Silver Northcote 21.7-133 Kinglake 2.1-13
 Under-12 Girls Whittlesea 12.11-83 Northcote 1.0-6
 Under-13 Red Wallan 7.10-52 Northcote Blue 4.5-29
 Under-13 Green Northcote Gold 5.4-34 West Ivanhoe 10.3-63
 Under-14 Red West Preston-Lakeside 4.11-35 Northcote 7.3-45
 Under-14 Girls Blue Northcote 3.8-26 Montmorency 5.8-38

Fixture Round 5 – 14 May 2017

Competition Name Match Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue Name
 Under-9 Red 8:30 AM Northcote Keon Park McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-9 Yellow 8:30 AM Eltham Yellow Northcote Blue Eltham Central Park
 Under-9 Yellow 9:00 AM West Ivanhoe Northcote Gold Seddon Reserve
 Under-9 Green 9:45 AM Northcote Thomastown McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
 Under-10 Girls 9:45 AM Laurimar Northcote Laurimar Reserve (School Oval)
 Under-10 Green 9:45 AM Bundoora Park Northcote Gold Bundoora Park Oval
 Under-10 Green 9:00 AM Northcote Blue Bye
 Under-11 Red 10:15 AM Yarrambat Northcote Blue Yarrambat War Memorial Park
 Under-11 Green 10:00 AM Research Northcote Gold Panton Hill – A.E. Cracknell Reserve
 Under-12 Red 9:45 AM Northcote South Morang McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-12 Silver 11:15 AM Northcote Kinglake McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-12 Girls 11:45 AM Whittlesea Northcote A.F. Walker Recreation Reserve
 Under-13 Red 12:30 PM Wallan Northcote Blue Wallan Recreational Reserve (Main Oval)
 Under-13 Green 12:45 PM Northcote Gold West Ivanhoe McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
 Under-14 Red 12:00 PM West Preston-Lakeside Northcote J.E. Moore Park (Main Oval)
 Under-14 Girls Blue 2:15 PM Northcote Montmorency McDonnell Park (Main Oval)



Thankyou for being patient with us as we source clothing for the 2017 season.

– The training tops should be with us within a fortnight. They will be handed out to the children at training. For those children who registered after the order was placed, we will be getting your order a little later.
– The socks are supplied by the NFL and we have to wait for them to fill this order (Sorry but they can’t tell us when this will be!)
– The hoodies are being re-designed for this season and beyond and will be available in a month or so. A sample of the design should be available soon and will be put on display in the club house. We have opted to go for a better quality garment, with greater warmth and integrity. Many found the previous jumper quickly shrunk and went out of shape in the wash.

As always if you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me,

Fixtures Round 2 – 23 April 2017

Under-9 Red 8:30:00 AM Diamond Creek Vs Northcote Coventry Oval
Under-9 Yellow 8:30:00 AM Northcote Gold Vs Greensborough White McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
Under-9 Yellow 8:30:00 AM Northcote Blue Vs Research Rockets McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
Under-9 Green 8:30:00 AM Diamond Creek Blue Vs Northcote Coventry Oval
Under-10 Green 10:00:00 AM Reservoir Vs Northcote Blue Crispe Park
Under-10 Green 10:15:00 AM Eltham Vs Northcote Gold Eltham Central Park
Under-11 Green 10:00:00 AM Northcote Gold Vs Laurimar McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
Under-11 Green 10:00:00 AM Northcote Blue Vs Mernda McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
Under-12 Girls 11:30:00 AM Northcote Vs West Ivanhoe McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
Under-12 Red 11:30:00 AM Northcote Vs Diamond Creek McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
Under-12 Silver 1:00:00 PM Northcote Vs Lalor McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
Under-13 Green 2:20:00 PM Northcote Blue Vs South Morang McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
Under-13 Green 11:00:00 AM Bye Vs Northcote Gold
Under-14 Girls Red 1:00:00 PM Northcote Vs Panton Hill McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
Under-14 Green 11:10:00 AM Kinglake Vs Northcote Kinglake Memorial Oval

Footy Photo Etiquette

Photos of kids in action enjoying their football are great, but please be aware that not all families are comfortable with having their child’s image captured.

If you are taking photos of your child’s team please check with your Team Manager in case there are any children in your team who don’t wish to be photographed.

Results Round 1

Mill Park Vs Northcote Blue Under-11 Green 4.5-29 8.1-49
Mernda Vs Northcote Gold Under-11 Green 2.6-18 3.4-22
Montmorency Vs Northcote Under-12 Silver 5.6-36 11.12-78
Northcote Vs Research Under-12 Girls 0.0-0 9.10-64
Northcote Vs Research Under-12 Red 3.3-21 6.5-41
Northcote Gold Vs South Morang Under-13 Green 7.6-48 5.6-36
Northcote Blue Vs Reservoir Under-13 Green 5.12-42 3.6-24
Mill Park Vs Northcote Under-14 Green 1.4-10 7.12-54
Northcote Vs Diamond Creek Womens Under-14 Girls Red 8.4-52 0.4-4

Milestone Games

NJFC presents plaques to players who achieve 50 or 100 games for the Club, but we ask that parents arrange their own run through banners (if they wish) to celebrate the milestone.

A cougar logo and some letter templates are available if you would like to make your own, and there are various companies around that you can purchase banners from if not.

Instructions on how to make a banner can be found on the website.

Grading And Team Info

Note that the first four rounds are grading rounds and our teams are currently playing in the following competitions:

U14 – Green
U14 Girls – Red
U13 – Green
U12 – Red (Simon’s team) and Silver (Vic’s team)
U12 Girls
U11 – Green
U10 – Green
U 9 – Red (Aaron’s team), Green (Damien’s team) and Silver (Matt/Mark’s [Gold] and Ben’s [Blue] teams).

Training For Week Beginning 10 April

Training for this week. Just the following ONLY.
All other teams no training.
Tuesday 11 April
U11 – 5-6pm
U14 – 6-7pm
Thursday 13 April
U14 – 6-7pm

Fixtures Round 1 – 9 April 2017


Red (Aaron’s team): 9am Away vs Eltham Black. Central Park, Eltham WHITE SHORTS

Green (Damien’s team): 9am Away vs Diamond Creek. Coventry Oval, Diamond Creek WHITE SHORTS

Gold (Mark and Matt’s team): 9am Away vs Keon Park. J.C. Donath Reserve, Keon Park WHITE SHORTS

Blue (Ben’s team): 9am Home vs Fitzroy Stars. BLUE SHORTS


Gold (Vince’s team): 9am Home vs Reservoir. BLUE SHORTS

Blue (Jeanette’s team): 10:15am Home vs West Ivanhoe. BLUE SHORTS


Blue (Ben’s team): 10:15am Away vs Mill Park. Kelynack Recreation Reserve, Mill Park WHITE SHORTS

Gold (Nick’s team): 11.40am Away vs Mernda. Waterview Recreation Reserve (Oval 1), Mernda WHITE SHORTS


Girls: 11:50am Home vs Research. BLUE SHORTS

Red (Simon’s team): 1:30pm Home vs Research. BLUE SHORTS

Silver (Vic’s team): 11:50am Away vs Montmorency. Simms Road Reserve, Montmorency WHITE SHORTS


Gold (Matt’s team): 10:15am Home vs South Morang. BLUE SHORTS

Blue (Mick’s team): 11:50 Home vs Reservoir. BLUE SHORTS


Girls: 1:30 home BLUE SHORTS

10:15am Away vs Mill Park. Redleap Reserve, Mill Park WHITE SHORTS

Mouthguard Fittings

There will be mouthguard fittings at McDonell Park from 4.30pm next Tuesday 21 March and Wednesday 22 March.

Mouthguards will be available before the practice matches the following weekend. More details soon.

Practice Matches

Sunday 26 March Practice Match Venues & Times

McDonell Park – Back Oval

  • Under 10 mixed v Parkside – 9am – 10:30am, 4 quarters
  • Under 9 mixed v Bundoora – 10:30 – 12pm, 6 quarters

McDonell Park – Main Oval

  • Under 14 Girls v Parkside, 11am – 12pm, 4 quarters

NJ Telfer Reserve – Bundoora

  • Under 11 Gold – 10am
  • Under 12s – 11:30am
  • Under 14s – 1pm
  • Under 13s – 3pm

McDonell Park

  • U11 Blue – Tuesday 28 March 5pm
  • Girls U10/12 – Wednesday 29 March at 6pm

Jumper Presentations

We invite all parent to attend jumper presentations for their team to hear a short address about club values and expectations for the season, and to have any questions answered. The presentations will occur after training in the last two weeks of the school term:

Under 9s – Wednesday 22 March 5.30pm

Under 10s – Wednesday 29 March 6pm

Under 11s – Tuesday 21 March 6pm

Under 12s – Thursday 30 March 6.30pm

Under 13s – Tuesday 28 March 6.30pm

Under 14s – Tuesday 21 March 7pm

Under 10 Girls – Wednesday 22 March 6.45pm

Under 12 Girls – Wednesday 22 March 7.30pm

Under 14 Girls – Sunday 26 March 10am

AGM – Wednesday 19 October – You Can Have Your Say!

Have an opinion?  Would you like your say at the NJFC?

Then please come along the AGM at 7:30 on WEDNESDAY 19 October at the clubrooms.

We need enough Members present to formally approve our new Constitution, as well as elect the new Committee. We have received nominations for President (Ann-Maree Duncan), Football Manager (Aaron Shackelford) and one General Committee position (Julian Chick) but we do still need others to help with the governance of the club.

So see you there!

2017 Under 14 Representative Squad

Congratulations to Max Reid, Oliver Manterfield and Jack Harper from our 2016 Under 13 team who have been selected in the NFL Under 14 Representative Squad for 2017.

Best of luck with the rest of the program as you head towards the Representative carnival next June.

Thank You!

A big thank you to the Committee Members and other volunteers who are finishing up their terms at the AGM:

Mick Everett – President for the past two years, Treasurer before that and Coach during all that time as well;

Dean Constable – Football Manager for the past two years while also serving as Grounds Manager;

Frank Castrucci – Registrar and Property Manager for the past two years;

Benjamin Anastasiou – Player Welfare Officer for the past two years; and last but not least

Ros Pach – Communications Manager for the past two years and Photos/Awards Manager for most of the past three years.

You have all made an important contribution to the club and will be hard to replace. We hope to still see you all around the club next season.

NJFC Annual General Meeting

The NJFC AGM will take place at the clubrooms on Wednesday 19 October. At this meeting we are asking the Members to approve the new Constitution – the document that governs the management of the club. A new Consitution is needed to formalise the merger of NJFC and Northcote/ Thornbury Auskick.  Please refer to the PROPOSED new Constitution

Please come along to the meeting to ensure we have enough Members to vote.

The AGM is also when the new Committee is elected. As has been previously mentioned, many of the current Committee will be standing down, so more people will be needed to replace them. We have already received a nomination for Football Manager, but we need other roles filled, including Grounds Manager and Communications Manager. More details about what these roles involve can be found here. Joining the Committee is not a requirement of all these positions; only President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer must be Committee Members.

However others are welcome to join the Committee – if you are interested a Nomination Form can be found here. We need new people to get involved so that we can continue to run the club, as well as implement the various improvements we have planned.


Sponsors For Training Tops

AS of 2017, our new training tops will give up to four companies or businesses the opportunity to display their logo on the front or sleeves of the shirts. Thank you to those businesses who have already offered to provide sponsorships.

We are calling for other potential sponsors willing to assist, so if you know of any businesses interested in this promotional opportunity please encourage them to support the club.

Enquiries can be directed to Treasurer Maurice Petrilli on or 0417 575 260.

Grand Final Day

Dennis CC and NJFC will again jointly be hosting an alcohol free Grand Final Day BBQ on Saturday 1 October.

Come along with your family to watch the game on a big screen and enjoy some cricket and football activities.


Survey Results

Thank you to all Members who completed the annual survey. We are still collating the responses and hope to have a report to present to the new Committee shortly after the AGM. We will then report back to our Members on the findings and outcomes.

Presentation Day

Thank you to everyone that helped out on Presentation Day by bringing food, helping out, organising games and just generally contributing to making the day a success.

A special thank you, however, to Ros Pach and Dean Constable for organising and running the day, and to Colin Hamilton and Frank Castrucci for taking charge of the BBQ.

Congratulations to Ann-Maree Duncan who was awarded the Rohan King Trophy and to Andrew Green and Colin Hamilton as new lifetime members.

We hope to see everyone back in 2017!!

Coach Of The Year Nominees

Congratulations to Damien Home and Aaron Shackelford from Under 9 Blue who have been nominated for the Northern Region Coach of the Year Awards in the Junior and Auskick categories respectively.

NJFC is very pleased that AFL Vic has seen fit to recognise the great job they have done this season.

Best of luck at the Awards Night on 7 September!

Sponsors Needed For Training Tops

As announced at Presentation Day, we are very excited to be providing training tops for all of our players for next season. These tops will have the opportunity for up to four company or business logos to be displayed on the front or sleeves of the shirts to help offset the cost.

Thank you to those businesses who have already offered to provide $500 sponsorships. We are seeking expressions of interest from other potential sponsors willing to assist, so if you know of any businesses interested in this promotional opportunity please encourage them to support the club.

Enquiries can be directed to Treasurer Maurice Petrilli on or 0417 575 260.

Looking Ahead To 2017…

Now that the 2016 junior season is over, we are turning our attention to planning for 2017. Thank you to Ida Bakos (U9 Blue Team Manager) who has offered to take on the Team Manager Coordinator role, to assist in preparing Team Managers for the season ahead. We are, however, still in need of many other volunteers.

New Committee Members will be needed for 2017, as many of the current Committee will retire at the AGM on 19 October. We also need other roles filled, including Grounds Manager and Communications Manager.

Follow this link for role descriptions.

In order to keep providing website and Facebook page maintenance, jumpers, team photos, 50 game plaques, and so on, we need new people to step up. Joining the Committee is not a requirement of all these positions; only President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are obligatory Committee Members.

Others are welcome to join the Committee. Complete this nomination form and either email to or post to Northcote Junior Football Club – PO Box 513 Northcote 3070

Support Our Seniors

Our senior affiliate club Northcote Park starts their finals campaign this weekend.

Come along to Preston City Oval, Cramer St Preston this Sunday 28 August to cheer along the Cougars.

Reserves are playing at 11.55am and Seniors at 2.10pm.

Presentation Day Schedule

Don’t forget presentation day is THIS SUNDAY!!  Below is the schedule.

9s and 10s please be seated by 10:20 to ensure the day starts on time!

11s, 12s, 13s, 15s please be seated by 12:25

10.25-10.30 Welcome

10.30-10.45 U9 Blue

10.45-11.00 U9 Silver

11.00-11.15 U9 Gold

11.15-11.30 U10 Blue

11.30-11.45 U10 Gold

11.45-12.00 President’s Address

12.00-12.30 Lunch (Sausage sizzle)

12.30-12.45 U11 Blue

12.45-1.00 U11 Gold

1.00-1.15 U12 Blue

1.15-1.30 U12 Gold

1.30-1.45 U13s

1.45-2:00 U15s

2:00-2:05 Closing Remarks

Finals News

Congratulations to our Under 13s, who finished Runners Up to West Preston Lakeside 2.3.15 to 5.11.41 in the Grand Final last Sunday. A great fighting effort but in the end beaten by a very strong side.

Check out all the photos on the website.

Used And Outgrown Cougar Gear

Do you have any Cougar tracksuits, shirts, jumpers, socks etc that the kids have outgrown and/or you no longer want?

Outgrown footy boots also wanted.

Then please bring them on Sunday. There will be a box at the entrance of the club for you to place your items.

At the beginning of next season, we plan to have a 2nds sale.


A BIG Thank You To All Our Volunteers

Thank you to everybody that helped out this season – water carriers, first aiders, boundary umpires, timekeepers, umpire escorts, fruit volunteers, runners, goal umpires, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, Auskick helpers, sausage sizzlers, training helpers, committee members, photographers, Facebook contributors, line markers, drivers, and anyone else I’ve forgotten. A community football club can’t run without the help of the community, so thank you to you all!

We’re already well into planning for 2017, so if you can help out in some way please come and talk to a committee member on Sunday.

As there are several people stepping back from committee and other key roles after a good stint we need to find replacements. Many jobs can be shared between two people if the role seems daunting.

Feedback Surveys

We’d like to have all surveys returned by this Sunday. If you haven’t done so already, please complete your survey and return to your Team Manager or

Grand Final News

After an 11.18.84 to 1.1.7 win in the Preliminary Final last weekend our Under 13s face the very strong West Preston- Lakeside team.  They would love everyone’s support this Sunday.

Please come along to Lalor Reserve at 10am to cheer for the team.

All supporters are welcome to join the team back at the clubrooms after the match for pizza.

Please note that as NJFC is an alcohol-free club no alcohol will be permitted on the premises during this event.


Congratulations to Oliver Manterfield who finished 3rd in the NFL U13 Green Division Best and Fairest at the NFL Junior Presentation Night on Monday. Many of his team mates also polled well, as did Jai Hockey from our Under 15 side. NJFC also finished in the top 5 for the Junior Club of the Year Award on the back of our 2015 win.

Congratulations also to the U13 players who have been invited to trial for the 2017 U14 NFL Representative Squad: Jackson Bedggood, Jack Harper, Oliver Manterfield, Max Reid, Abraham Sim and Joseph Taouk. Good luck for the trials.

Finals News

There was good news and bad news following the junior Semi Finals last Sunday.

Our Under 12 Blue side went down fighting against a strong Greensborough side.

It was a great effort, with a lot of players participating in their first final. The Under 13s were able to overcome a spirited South Morang team to win through to the Preliminary Final.

Please come along to Waterview Recreation Reserve (Oval 1), Waterview Drive Mernda at 11.30 this Sunday to cheer them on as they try to win a spot in the Grand Final.

Presentation Day News

Click this link for the Presentation Day schedule on Sunday 21 August.

A sausage sizzle will be provided but we ask that 6 or so families from each team (see below) bring along a plate of food to share. Please contact your Team Manager if you can bring something.

Under 9 Silver – Fruit

Under 9 Blue – Fruit

Under 9 Gold – Fruit

Under 10 Blue – Salad

Under 10 Gold – Dessert or fruit

Under 11 Blue – Salad

Under 11 Gold – Dessert or fruit

Under 12 Blue – Salad

Under 12 Gold – Dessert or fruit

Under 13 – Salad

Under 15 – Dessert or fruit

If bringing a salad or dessert, please also supply a list of ingredients.

Thank You! A Message From The Communications Manager

Northcote Cougars could not do without all our volunteers. In fact there would be no club without all of you.  How rewarding is it to see our kids play sport they love, make new friends and do the best they can.

I would like to thank a particular group that doesn’t get mentioned too often, the people that work tirelessly behind the scenes managing the daily business of the club.  The NJFC committee. You can see all the officials, on and off field volunteers hard at work but you never really see how the committee works.

Not only do all these people have a day job, as with most volunteers, but along with their committee responsibilities, you see them around the club, day in and day out, taking on more roles.  The committee meets once a month but outside of this, there are also other activities, training and meetings they are involved in and are obligated to attend. In addition to this, they field complaints and issues from players, officials, parents and from people who aren’t even involved in the club! And as with all our other volunteers, they do all this FOR FREE (but not stress free!!)

We all volunteer with one goal in mind – the kids and junior footy.  So if you want to have a say in how it’s all done, join the committee or show up at meetings.

Next year, we need a new President, Secretary, Operations Manager (and Communications please!) Despite the hard work, it is highly rewarding especially as the club has grown so much in the last few years.  So let’s keep at it and make it even better!!

Thank you NJFC Committee.  Michael Everett (President), Joe Anthony (VP & Canteen Manager), Ann-Maree Duncan (Secretary), Maurice Petrilli (Treasurer), Frank Castrucci (Property Manager & Registrar), Dean Constable (Operations Manager), Ben Anastasiou (Player Welfare Manager), Colin Hamilton (Committee member)

Ros, Communications.

Important Dates For Remainder Of Season

Sunday 7 August – Junior Preliminary Finals

Sunday 14 August – Junior Grand Finals

Sunday 21 August – Presentation Day

Wednesday 19 October – NJFC Annual General Meeting

Grand Final Family Day

Once again, Dennis Cricket is hosting a Grand Final Family day at the club.

Saturday 1 October starting 12:30pm. Alcohol free, BBQ and games!!


Season Wrap Up

Our U9 and 10 teams wound up for 2016 last weekend, with the enthusiasm and spirit that have characterised their seasons.

Our U11 sides faced some strong teams this year and were competitive most weeks despite missing out on playing finals.

U12 Gold defeated the top 3 teams in the last 3 rounds but missed out on a finals spot by a measly 2.2%! U12 Blue impressed with a resounding win over the top side in the last round to secure fourth spot on the ladder.

U13 finished the season strongly and head into the finals in third position.

After some early season struggles, U15 was able finish off the season with back-to-back wins.

Well done to all players – it has been great to see the improvement from all sides during the year. We hope to see you all back next year keen for the 2017 season.

Fixtures Round 14, Sunday 24 July 2016

8:30am Northcote Silver vs Eltham Orange – McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
10:00am Mill Park vs Northcote Blue – Redleap Reserve –
10:00am Reservoir vs Northcote Gold – Crispe Park –

8:30am Northcote Gold vs Wallan – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
10:00am Northcote Blue vs Mill Park – McDonnell Park (Back Oval)

10:00am Northcote Gold vs Whittlesea – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
11:30am Northcote Blue vs Bundoora Park – McDonnell Park (Back Oval)

11:30am Northcote Gold vs West Ivanhoe – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
1:00pm Northcote Blue vs Whittlesea – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)

11:30am Keon Park vs Northcote – J.C. Donath Reserve –

1:00pm South Morang vs Northcote – Mill Park Lakes Reserve (Main Oval) –

Results Round 13, Sunday 17 July 2016

South Morang Gold 10-13-73
Northcote Blue 0-0-0

Northcote Gold 0-8-8
Mernda 7-7-49

Northcote Gold 4-13-37
Epping 5-1-31

Northcote 19-14-128
Montmorency 2-4-16

Northcote 8-11-59
Whittlesea 6-4-40

Fixtures Round 13, Sunday 17 July 2016

8:30am Eltham Grey vs Northcote – Susan Street Reserve –
8:30am Northcote Blue vs Reservoir – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
8:30am Northcote Gold vs Eltham White – McDonnell Park (Back Oval)

10:00am Northcote Gold vs Laurimar Black – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)
Northcote Blue – Bye

10:00am Northcote Gold vs Mernda – McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
11:30am South Morang Gold vs Northcote Blue – Mill Park Lakes Reserve (Main Oval) –

11:30am Northcote Gold vs Epping – McDonnell Park (Back Oval)
Northcote Blue – Bye

11:30am Northcote vs Montmorency – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)

1:00pm Northcote vs Whittlesea – McDonnell Park (Main Oval)

Results Round 12, Sunday 10 July 2016


Northcote Gold 3-2-20
Mill Park 10-11-71

Northcote Blue 2-4-16
South Morang Blue 6-9-45


Hurstbridge 6-8-44
Northcote Gold 7-9-51

Northcote Blue 8-5-53
West Preston Lakeside 3-10-28


Kinglake 3-2-20
Northcote 4-10-34


Northcote 0-2-2
Research 15-22-112